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All LCD LED PJ in Cleveland, OH is highly experienced in all types of TV repair, including the ever challenging plasma TV repair. We have been serving the area for over 50 years, and our customers know that we perform quality work which results in a TV that performs like it did when it was brand new. A plasma TV has a flat panel display, which is a common type of display that is generally used when the TV is very large. Plasma TVs can be as large as 150” and are commonly used in game rooms, dens, or home theatre rooms. They are referred to as plasma TVs because they contain small cells which use electrically charged ionized gases that are plasmas. They are great for viewing from multiple angles as opposed to LED or LCD TVs which are optimal for viewing from a straight angle. Unfortunately, plasma TVs come with their fair share of problems and tend to be rather heavy when compared to similar models of a different type. Therefore, it is important that these TVs are serviced with care and are kept upright during service. Our technicians have years of experience and know exactly how to properly perform plasma TV repair. Try our plasma TV repair service today, and you will see why All LCD LED PJ is the premier TV service center in Cleveland, OH. We offer expert, affordable services, and no job is finished until the customer is completely satisfied.

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